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Posted by on Aug 7, 2016 in Internet, Wordpress | 0 comments

WordPress ping list for better propagate your blog (255 servers)

WordPress ping list for better propagate your blog (255 servers)

Post publication on your blog is just the beginning. Now you have to inform about this entire Internet. Of course, you can use social media, RSS feeds, mails etc – but there is one more way, especially for WordPress.

Ping list is a collection of special server addresses which indexes what new is on Internet. As faster they “know” about your new entry in blog, the faster blog will be visible in search engines – so is worth it!

How to add this ping list to WordPress? It’s easy. Find on your left administration menu label “Settings” and choose option “Writing”

Wordpress Ping List

Next, on the bottom you can find text area with descripiton “Update Services”, there you can copy-paste ping servers list. After all, just click “Save Changes”.


So, there is a 255 servers (including default WordPress server Copy and enjoy!



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